Hung ( Billy )

Halong Bay Tour Guide/Customer Care

Hung Had been working for Orchid Cruises for 3 years as Manager customer care, He love people and nice to everyone who he met, with the enthusiastic energetic he gained a lot of experience and knowledge in customer service

After a thriving career in Halong Bay for years, Vietnam Northern Travel By Anthony was pleased to welcome Hung to the team. his role is taking care of valuable guest, Make sure our services to all the customer with different stylish and demand will be fully happy, comfortable and satisfaction 

An ( Anthony )

Founder/CEO/HaLong Bay Tour Guide 

Anthony have a Vienamese name is An, it mean Grateful, I love my job as a tour guide, I have been worked for more than 5 years in Halong Bay, I meet many people with different country, culture, religiosity, I find the interesting from people when I sincerely sharing knowledge, experiences thinking, I know Halong as the things in my hand, I would love to travel with you and sharing my experiences and make sure you enjoy your time in our beautiful country, I love my country and I am host you with all the respectful and honor

Hoang ( Jack )

Tour Guide/Customer Care 

Jack is a nice man but sometime crazy, He love to travel especially for adventures tour, He like to challenge himself by difficult missions, He used to conquer the Everest Peak since He was 20 years old, Anthony have been friend with Jack for 10 year friendship, and we know Jack always to sacrificed himself to pursuit the best of services 

His duty is finding the unique route in Halong Bay area and deliver the the best experience to traveler, 


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